EZ 231

EZ 201

EZ 2 series printers from RISO offer you an unbeatable combination of speed, versatility, convenience and cost-effectiveness. Easy, intuitive operation is assured by the thoughtful “front operation” design. Wide paper compatibility and a huge variety of colors deliver outstanding versatility.

Comparison with a conventional copier will convince you of their low-cost operation. And the high output speed lets you print a thousand copies in as little as eight minutes.


Key Features Compatible Accessories
  • PC connectivity
  • Intelligent flat bed scanner
  • Enhanced image processing
  • Expanded paper weight capacity
  • Fast printing speed
  • Multiple colour drums
  • Front operation
  • Easy ink setting
  • New master disposal box
  • New copy control system
  • Environmental friendly design
  • RISO EZ Drum
  • RISO Auto Document Feeder AF-VI:N II
  • Card Feed Kit
  • RISO Job Separator IV:N II
  • RISO Key Card Counter IV:N
  • RISO PC Interface CArd USB 2.0
  • RISO Network Card
  • RZ Stand D Type1
  • RISO Stand N Type
  • Ink/Master Holder

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